Reserved Power Batteries

  • Industrial sites (oil platforms, production and storage facilities, datacenters)
  • Power plants and power transformer systems
  • Public buildings (hospitals, banks, entertainment centers)


  • Railways (lighting and signaling systems, relay stations and telecommunication systems)
  • Navigation and signaling systems, emergency lighting
  • For renewable energy sources (solar and wind power stations)
  • Other standby and cyclic systems
    • Small and medium size industrial solar systems
    • Telecom exchange and voice/data transmission equipment
    • Mobile and landline communication systems
    • Radio and broadcasting stations
Capacity Range: From 70 to 600 Ah
Voltage Range: 12, 6, 4 and 2 Monbolocks and elements
Terminals: 12V Front terminals / 6, 4 and 2V top terminals
Design life: 12+ years (Long Life acc. EUROBAT)
Rack compatibility: Dimensions suitable for 19”, 23” and ETSI racking.

Optional racks for 2V, 4V and 6V range.

Flame Retardancy: All models are F-V0 flame retardant
IEC Compliancy: IEC 60 896 – 21/22 and all other related to VRLA batteries
Non-hazardous cargo:
For all modes of transportation