Electro-mechanical stabilizer
The digitally-controlled TRISTAB-Y electromechanical stabilizers maintain a perfectly stable three-phase output voltage for any of the input voltages within the permitted range. The stabilizers are suitable for any application that requires a stable voltage for powering electric and electronic equipment.
In the TRISTAB Y models, stabilization of the output voltage uses the effective voltage value and is thus unaffected by possible harmonic distortion from the mains. The stabilizers are insensitive to the load power factor and value, do not add harmonic distortion (<0.2%) and are extremely efficient. Voltage stabilization occurs independently on each phase. This solution is therefore particularly useful for single-phase loads (neutral wire equired) or unbalanced three phase loads.
TRISTAB Y stabilizers also give you the possibility of choosing between two input voltage ranges (± 15% or ± 20%). The required nominal power changes depending on the voltage range (see table).
TRISTAB Y models are fitted with an advanced millimeters device. The front panel features a large, easily-to-read LCD display with big buttons, allowing you quick and easy access to the information you need without having to navigate your way through complex menus. You can configure and view all of the stabilizer's electric settings as well as the electricity measurement/metering functions. Finally, TRISTAB Y stabilizers (up to 60 kVA) come fitted with wheels for easy positioning and handling